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Cru Cheerleading

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor's Crusader cheer program promotes school spirit in support of the University's athletic teams, student body, faculty, staff, and alumni. CRU Cheer strives to serve as elite representatives of the UMHB student body as well as ambassadors of the University throughout the community.

The all-girl team consists of 20 athletes who can be seen on the sidelines of CRU football and basketball games as well as several events throughout the community. 

Cru Cheerleading Tryout Information

Cru Cheer Tryout Packet

The CRU Cheerleading Program will host the 2018-2019 tryout session on TBA to assess the abilities, leadership skills, and potential of interested and qualified candidates. 

Tryouts are intended to be a low-stress event. For that reason, they are conducted in a practice-like environment. Candidate’s skills, talents, and their ability to work with current and prospective team members will be evaluated. A short interview with the candidate may be conducted at any time during the sessions.

Actual attendance by candidates at the tryout session is highly recommended; however, any individual who cannot attend the tryout session may submit a videotape for consideration. All videos must be included in the tryout packet. Please contact coach directly for video requirements.

Minimum Qualifications for Tryouts

  • Incoming freshmen and transfer students must have completed the regular admissions application process and be accepted to the University prior to tryouts.
  • Candidates must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university.
  • Candidates must possess sufficient physical fitness and proper training to execute all required skills during the selection process.  
  • Candidates must be covered by health insurance for tryouts and/or sign a participation waiver.
  • Prospective candidates should be involved in high school or competitive cheerleading/gymnastics in some fashion. Each candidates’ individual experiences will be taken into consideration.  
  • The tryout packet must be completed in its entirety and submitted by the stated due date prior to tryouts.

Skills Criteria


  • Standing Tumbling: back handspring or back tuck (highly preferred)
  • Running Tumbling – minimum of round-off back handspring series to back tuck (highly preferred)

Stunts:  All-Girl & CoEd (Flyers & Bases)

  • Gameday stunts (straight up and full-up, extensions and liberties)
  • Optional elite stunts/sequences (2-2-1, stretches, arabesques, etc.)
  • Solid basics, athlete potential, and experience with a variety of groups

Jumps & Overall Technique:

  • Toe-Touch, Hurdler, and Pike required
  • Strong Motion Placement and Control required
  • Strong Voice inflection required
  • Collegiate strength and image required

Overall Impression of the CRU:

  • C- Commitment & Teamwork,
  • R- Respect & Positive leadership skills,
  • U- an Understanding that God is leading you on this journey.

Candidates will also be evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Charismatic presence/personality
  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Ability to engage an audience 

Tryout Format

Skills Session • Cheer/Chant Session • Fight Song Session • Interview Session

Download Fight Song Here

More Information on these tryout sessions will be posted closer to the tryout date.

Letter of Recommendation

Prior to tryouts, send in at least 2 letters of recommendation.

Please ask your reference (preferably a former coach) to demonstrate your willingness and ability to hold true to the above criteria. For more information on the mission and values of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, refer to

Email Letters to with Candidate Name in the subject line. These letters should come directly from the reference. 

Contact Information

For questions regarding tryouts, email head coach at

Notification of Selection: The new squad will be announced on the CRU Cheerleading Website at

Candidates will receive more information regarding the posting at tryouts.

Additional Information

  • All members of the 2018/2019 Cheer Squad will be required to attend a program meeting and preliminary practices tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 20, 2018.
  • All members of the squad will be required to attend UCA Summer Camp and attend work week during summer 2018.
  • All current members of the squad must tryout each year.  

Coaching staff reserves the right to conduct “walk on” tryouts at any point in time. 

Sue Weaver, Director of Campus Recreation
Address: 900 College Street, UMHB Station Box 8385, Belton, TX 76513 | Phone: (254) 295-5529

Amanda Winkler, Head Coach