Student Organization


In Progress

Title Description Date Passed
University Excused Absences Exploring the definition of what a university excused absence is with specific concern to student athletes. - Spencer Turner, Senior Class Chaplain


Title Description Date Passed
Recycling Act Putting more recycling bins around campus to promote recycling. (details) March 18, 2014
Cru Card/ Mobile Credit Card Scanner Bill Mobile Credit Card Machines at events on campus. (details) March 18, 2014
Emergency Call Box behind Burt The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor install a safety call box behind Burt in the Parking Lot. (details) March 18, 2014
Printers in the SUB Granting students access to printing 24/7. - Jason Aleman, Junior Class Senator (details) September 17, 2013
MyCampus Act Requires faculty members to post course syllabi prior to course registration for fall, spring, and summer semesters. (details) February 1, 2011
Sign-in/Sign-out, Late Entry, and Overnight Policy Bill No longer signing into residence halls when coming in past curfew. (details) January 1, 2011
Reusable Cup in the SUB Act Students would have the ability to purchase a refillable cup that could be used in the sub (details) January 1, 2011
Sand Volleyball Courts The sand at the new sand courts is too coarse and causes harm to those who dive into sand. It was recommended that the current sand be replaced with a better quality sand. (details) March 18, 2014
24 Hour Student Union Building Request for SUB to be open 24 hours a day (details) January 18, 2011