Cru Speak

Broken/Missing CruCash Locations

Over the past few weeks, I have had numerous experiences with broken or "missing" CruCash locations.  Taco Cabana's CruCash machine has been broken for several weeks, and the manager told me that they have attempted to contact UMHB to come fix it many times but have not heard anything back. I just had the same experience at Papa Johns tonight and while its possible that I'm just horribly unlucky and these are the only two broken machines (or even that the university is actively trying to fix them), it is extremely aggravating to go somewhere particularly because they offer CruCash and then find out that this is not true.  This does not seem like an exclusively location-centered problem and it seems UMHB should be doing something about it, either by ensuring that these stores fix these soon or by notifying students so that they don't have to waste time by going there or waste money by being guilted to pay another way while there. I see no point to having a list of CruCash locations if it isn't reliable for weeks at a time.


And the "missing" location? The away-side concessions stand at Crusader Stadium.  Seriously, it's called Crusader Stadium and it doesn't take CruCash? If it can take credit cards, it should have a CruCash machine. I understand that it's the "away" side so it doesn't need to take CruCash as badly, but the majority of that side is full of UMHB students and fans anyways, and the line is constantly full of students who would like to use CruCash there, so there's no reason not to have a machine there. If there's anywhere that should be taking CruCash, it's our own stadium.