Cru Speak

Make UMHB a smoke-free campus

While most students on campus do not smoke, there are several who do. They are supposed to stand a certain distance away from a building, but often times they do not (and it is never enforced by campus PD or other officials). It is really unsettling to leave class or Bawcom, and walk by someone who is smoking. It smells terrible, and if they do not dispose of their cigarettes properly, it leaves trash on the ground. Smoking has long-term health effects (I won't get into that, whoever is reading this is educated enough to know this), and can take away from the beauty of our campus. I also fear that it may turn off some interest from prospective students if they see cigarette butts on the ground, or walk through a cloud of smoke while on a tour. 

My suggestion is to ban smoking on campus alltogether to promote a healthier lifestyle and a more beautiful campus, (several other universities have done this, such as University of Oklahoma), or to at least create a designated smoking area, and striclty enforce that students must go to that area to smoke. 

Thank you for reading!