Cru Speak

York Science Building

One thing that has constantly come up about the York science building are the chairs in the halls for students to sit and wait for class, talk, study, etc, not to mention the lack of a suitable place to eat and spread out books like in the Christian Studies building. The chairs on the second floor are over thirty years old. There are no tables at which to eat or comfortably study. As a biology major and companion of many other biology majors, we have found the seating outside of class totally inadequate. We are a tight knit group, and there are often more than four of us congregated at a single place, meaning the others have to either stand or sit on the floor. All I ask, on behalf of all of the students who spend practically all of their time in York, is to better equip the building. More seating, tables, benches in the hallways so we don't have to sit on the floor. Not everyone can do that so easily. Some women are pregnant, some have bad backs or other ailments that make it uncomfortable or impossible. Please think of the biology majors on this campus and improve York. We feel neglected sometimes.