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College is about who you want to be, not just what you want to do when you graduate. If four years of classes and tests only makes you a college graduate, you're missing something along the way. Every day counts. Every experience matters.
Your college years don't represent a pause in your real life. They aren't just training for the real thing, and that spirit is obvious on our campus. We embrace every part of the UMHB experience. We live together. Learn together. Grow together. Play together. Serve together, here and around the world. It's real life, now.

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"Hello my name is Anthony Tharp! I am currently in my second year. I play soccer here, and I am also known for coaching an Intermural soccer team to a championship. I will be showing you my amazing school this week through my eyes." @anthonytharp Anthony is a Sophomore, EC-12 major from Mesquite Texas.
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"These guys right here are as good as it gets. UMHB has not only blessed me with friends on the court but friends in the stands and friends that coach me. Brothers for life right here!" @bigruss42
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"A little Flash Back Friday to my freshman year when we knocked off the number one team in the nation to compete in the National Championship game! What an experience it was to compete on that stage. That year was an experience of a lifetime, and I will forever cherish those moments with the group of guys we had. Plus nothing better than to represent the BEST university on the national level! #GoCru" @bigruss42
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UMHB Breaks Ground on Performing Arts Center
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