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Photo of students with longboardsCollege is about who you want to be, not just what you want to do when you graduate. If four years of classes and tests only makes you a college graduate, you're missing something along the way. Every day counts. Every experience matters.
Your college years don't represent a pause in your real life. They aren't just training for the real thing, and that spirit is obvious on our campus. We embrace every part of the UMHB experience. We live together. Learn together. Grow together. Play together. Serve together, here and around the world. It's real life, now.

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Bawcom Student Union hours are 6:30am-1am (Monday-Friday), 10am-11pm (Saturday), and 11:30am-1am (Sunday).

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“When I was a sophomore, I was graced with the privilege of being invited to serve as a university host/ambassador for Student Foundation. 2 years later - I’ve had the honor to serve as the President. I have grown so much throughout my time here at UMHB -- I thank the Lord everyday for the amazing opportunities He has blessed me with. I love and rely on my StuFo family - they're my inspiration.” @krystougher God has changed my life through UMHB -- how is he changing yours? #umhb #myumhb #umhb170 #gocru
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"Every year Student Foundation puts on a education event to uphold the history and legacy of UMHB. Reflection 170 - is a celebration of the 170 years of leadership, faith and tradition at UMHB. Join us on the first floor of the Bawcom Student Union, today for FREE ice cream, floats, and FUN.” @krystougher #umhb #myumhb #umhb170 #gocru