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Photo of students with longboardsCollege is about who you want to be, not just what you want to do when you graduate. If four years of classes and tests only makes you a college graduate, you're missing something along the way. Every day counts. Every experience matters.
Your college years don't represent a pause in your real life. They aren't just training for the real thing, and that spirit is obvious on our campus. We embrace every part of the UMHB experience. We live together. Learn together. Grow together. Play together. Serve together, here and around the world. It's real life, now.

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Bawcom Student Union hours are 6:30am-1am (Monday-Friday), 10am-11pm (Saturday), and 11:30am-1am (Sunday).

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"'Would you want me to go to UMHB?' This is what my younger sister Karis (back row, middle) asked me during her senior year of high school as I was a Sophomore at UMHB. 'Absolutely!' Having a sibling here means that we could take on the title of #CruSibs. Outside of that, she is a great sister to share personal things with and an encouragement to me and those around her. Karis would like to be a teacher and is currently an officer in Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE). They are having a panel of teachers this evening and will have a Scholastic book fair next week!" @jgkendall222
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"Tiffany Wurdemann is the Director of Student Organizations. Outside of that role, she also serves as the staff advisor for Student Government Association. As Student Body President, we meet weekly to discuss how we can enrich aspects of student life through SGA. Her wisdom and care for students is evident in her leadership. SGA meetings are Tuesday at 9:15pm in Bawcom and open to all students. @sga_umhb" @jgkendall222
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Student Body President candidate James Ewing. Come to the SBP debate, Monday March 2nd at 8pm in the McLane Great Hall. #Decide